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June 19, 2008

Internet in Korea: 100 Mbit standard! WoW!

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The majority of South Koreans rate their broadband services as ‘ordinary’ despite having the world’s fastest internet connections, according to a recent survey. Korean broadband providers typically offer speeds of 100Mbps. However, the government-sponsored Korean Communications Commission (KCC) found that no service provider consistently provides this level of service. The fastest ‘100Mbps’ service was delivered by LG Powercomm with an average speed of 91Mbps, the KCC found. The average speed of all 100Mbps service providers is just 46Mbps, but this compares to typical average broadband speeds of well below 10Mbps in most other countries.

Seven service providers offer high-speed broadband services in Korea to more than 15 million subscribers. Korea Telecom controls 44.2 per cent of the market, followed by Hanarotelecom with 24 per cent and LG Powercomm with 12.2 per cent. “By giving quality information to internet users, we expect customers to have more information when they choose products,” said KCC representative Lee Eun-hee, according to the Joongang Daily. “This encourages service providers to compete against one another to improve the overall quality of such products.” Kim Young-wan of Korea Telecom added: “The rate at which high-speed internet customers are increasing has slowed down a lot. “That is why internet service providers are looking for new revenue sources such as internet telephony and IPTV services.”

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May 27, 2008

Samsung plans 256GB SSD drive this year! Sweet!

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Samsung Electronics plans to launch within this year a flash memory-based solid-state disk that boasts a 256GB capacity and high-speed interface, it said Monday. The drive, which was unveiled in prototype form at a Samsung event in Taipei, has the same form factor as a 9.5-millimeter high 2.5-inch hard-disk drive for which it is designed to be a drop-in replacement. Solid-state disks (SSDs) are an emerging type of storage device that use flash memory chips in place of the spinning magnetic disks used in hard-disk drives.

The memory chips mean the drives are more sturdy and typically have a higher performance but the per-byte storage cost is also much higher, so they are generally more expensive. That has largely restricted them to niche applications but as flash prices come down they are expected to become more widely used. The prototype drive announced today by the company has a read speed of 200M bytes per second (Bps) and a sequential write speed of 160M Bps, said Samsung. Samples of the drive will be available to customers from September with mass production due by the end of the year. A version with a similar form factor to a 1.8-inch drive is also expected to be available in the fourth quarter of the year, the company said.

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January 22, 2008

FIOS – My Internet Connection!

Many of my friends have asked me about my internet connection. A few are really amazed by the speed at which I am able to share files over the net. So, I thought of posting some info about that. I have been a Verizon FIOS customer for almost an year now. Yup! they are really worth the money I pay them. I subscribe to their 20Mbps/15Mbps (Down/Up) connection. With download speed averaging 8MB/s and upload averaging 2.5MB/s what else can a net addict hope for? a little bit more speed probably. With Time Warner coming down heavily on the high usage customers by creating “Consumption Based Billing“; meanwhile Comcast and Cox already implementing it, I am pretty sure, FIOS will be the better choice anytime. Both Comcast and Cox have been pilloried for using forged reset packets to thwart P2P transfers.

FIOS deals!

I have highlighted my plan. As a initial subscriber I got the free upgrade to 20Mbps download instead of the regular 15Mbps and moreover I don’t have any caps on the total bandwidth.

TIP: If you are planning to avail a plan, please make sure you call up their toll free number after checking If the service is available in your area here and ask for current deals. This way you will get lots of perks too like free 1 more extra month of service, etc.

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