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June 18, 2008

Tech news updates from me!

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Sorry guys, I have been busy with work, so I couldn’t update the site. I assure you from now onwards I will try to update the site as regularly as possible. Thanks for all your supporting emails. If you come across any good news to please feel free to send it to me @




February 2, 2008

Georgia Tech to Launch First Interdisciplinary Robotics Ph.D Program

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Georgia Tech is going to create the nation’s interdisciplinary Ph.D program in Robotics, pulling from various engineering (mechanical, electrical, biomedical, aerospace) and computer science disciplines to form a more focused program. Other schools tend to offer a concentrated look at one area of robotics. The idea behind Georgia Tech’s program is to get students to think about robots holistically, rather than only focusing on one aspect of a bot with minimal knowledge of the rest.

The university will begin the program with 15 students, eventually bolstering it to 60, and currently have 30 faculty working in robotics. This announcement goes hand in hand with the launch of Georgia Tech’s new center specifically designated for robotics. Maybe Carnegie Mellon should worry about their distinction as the robotics school.

Source: Gizmag

January 29, 2008

AMD introduces new HD card: Radeon 3870 X2

AMD on Monday launched a two-chip graphics card that it hopes will give it a lead in price and performance over rival Nvidia.The ATI Radeon HD 3870 X2 combines two graphics processors on a single board, giving it nearly double the performance of the single-chip Radeon HD 3870 introduced in November 2007, according to AMD. The latest graphics card tops a Teraflop, or 1 trillion floating point operations per second, which is the equivalent of a trillion mathematical calculations per second. AMD’s latest product would compete with Nvidia’s GeForce 8800 Ultra that starts at $630. The Radeon HD 3870 X2 has a suggested retail price of $449.


AMD’s new graphics card will also support the company’s CrossFire X technology, which makes it possible to use up to four cards on a single computer to further boost performance. CrossFire X competes with Nvidia’s scalable link interface, or SLI. AMD plans to release software to enable CrossFire X support for the HD 3870 X2 late in the current quarter. Market researcher Jon Peddie, head of Jon Peddie Research, said AMD’s new card is 170% faster than the single-chip HD 3870, making the new product faster than having two separate cards on a motherboard, which only increases performance by 150%.

Source: Martin, InfoWeek 

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